Cabinets & Built-ins

We paint cabinets and built ins for our clients making old and new cabinetry look great

We have painted cabinets and built-ins for customers for many years with great success!

Great cabinetry, New Finish

It is truly a shame that so many solid wood cabinets have been torn out and thrown to the waste heap. These solid wood cabinets can be painted, refinished, or refaced for a fraction of the costs of the replacement with new cabinets.

Most of this very good solid wood cabinetry has been replaced with a variety of wood type products that are of significantly less quality and durability.

Cabinets painting saves money

For a fraction of the cost of refacing, refinishing, or replacing the cabinets can be painted with amazing results. It is amazing what can be done with proper preparation, primer, and a couple of coats of good quality paint.

Onsite Completion

Most cabinet projects that we do are done onsite whereby all preparation, priming, and painting is completed without taking them to the shop. Usually, we will have a clear space in the garage or in the basement to do the work needed. There are occasions, where needed, that we will take the doors and drawers off site for completion.

Painting method for cabinets

The most cost-effective painting method for cabinet painting is with a brush and roller with spraying as a more costly option. The brush and roller are the most popular methodology for us, where over 80% of clients opt for this methodology. The finish on the brush and roll projects is not factory finish but in our experience is only slightly less than that of the sprayed option. Both methods look great and would require a close-up inspection to see the actual difference in the finish.

Our process for painting kitchen cabinets:

Remove all the hardware from doors and drawers

Doors and drawers are placed in the work area (onsite or offsite)

The drawers, doors and boxes are then sanded to buff the previous coating to prepare the surface for primer

A coat of primer is then applied to all areas using a high adhesion primer such as BIN or Kilz. There are other options for primer such as Gripper and other acrylic types however our experience has dictated that we stick to the Kilz or BIN as they are simply superior products

Once the primer has dried finish coats are applied. In most cases two full finish coats are applied one side then the other side.

Once the finish coats are completed and dried, we will reinstall the doors and drawers.

Once everything is reinstalled new updated handles and knobs are put on. There are limitations for the selection of handles and knobs which must fit in the same configuration as the original hardware.

This will complete the project.


A typical cupboard project takes 3 days for completion. The first day will be the removal and priming day and that day will have a strong odour in the work area that will dissipate quickly with good airflow. The painting of the finish coats will take approximately two days. Reinstalling of the doors and drawers as well as aligning these will occupy the final 2-4 hours.

The painting of cabinets is a very cost-effective means of updating a kitchen. It is roughly about 10-20% of the cost of replacement and about 50% of the cost of refinishing or refacing.