Wallpaper Installation

Wallpaper removal

This is a time-consuming project that can be a substantial cost to any project. It is difficult to provide an accurate estimate of removal. This means that we provide a ballpark number on this type of work and will complete it as an hourly charge.

Vinyl wallcovering and wallpaper installation

Not all ourHJK Interior Decor House Painting franchises install vinyl and wallpaper you will need to confirm with the location that services you.

Wallpaper vs Vinyl

There is a major difference in wallpaper and vinyl wallcovering. Wallpaper is less durable and comes in much smaller quantities but is more difficult to install and remove than vinyl.

Vinyl wallcovering is more expensive and is generally sold in large rolls and is predominantly used for large commercial projects such as hotels and apartment buildings.

The advantage is that it is much easier to install and remove than wallpaper and is an exceptionally durable long-term usage product. There is no reason why it cannot be used in residential interiors and this has become more common in recent years